Business owners in Claremorris County Mayo get some guidance to help prepare for Decimal Day.

With Decimal Day, just 10 months away, decimalisation officer with the Irish Decimal Currency Board Harry Morrison is in Claremorris, County Mayo to give the business community all information they need to prepare for Decimal Day on 15 February 1971.

The good news is there is no change in the appearance and value of the pound.

Anything priced at a pound before Decimal Day will still be priced a pound after Decimal Day.

The lecture is followed by a question and answer session. Concerns raised range from the duration of a dual currency system, to the availability of new cash registers.

Harry Morrison is confident the changeover to decimal currency will be seamless and a huge success. He recalls meeting an elderly lady at one of his lectures who told him,

It will never take on down here.

Ensuring the business community is prepared for Decimal Day is a priority for the Irish Decimal Currency Board. However they are aware the general public also needs to engage with the new currency. They have made a number of publications available. There will be a series of talks aimed at the general public at  Irish Countrywomen's Association( ICA), Macra na Feirme and residence association events.

There won’t be a village in Ireland with two pubs and one house where we won’t go to get the message across if necessary.

When Decimal Day finally dawns Harry Morrison predicts it will be a complete non-event.

A 'Newsbeat’ report broadcast on 21 May 1970. The reporter is Cathal O’Shannon