Young people leaving school looking for work for the first time feature in the series 'Out On Your Own'.

Seventeen year old Larry Martin is a copy boy working in the Irish Press office in Burgh Quay, Dublin. He failed his Group Certificate but is currently working at night for his Leaving Certificate. His basic wage is £21 per week. He lives at home with his mother and they have an arrangement where he gives her half of his wages. With his board and lodging covered, he has £8 to live on for the rest of the week. He is happy with this as

You couldn't live anywhere else in around town for £8 per week.

Larry regrets not going back to school to repeat his exams because he would then have gone into a trade.

I'd be an apprentice hopefully by now, and working towards coming out of my time, and you're safe then after that.

'Out on Your Own: Money to Burn?' was broadcast on 5 May 1976.