Digital technology set to revolutionise how films are made and seen.

The internet has already begun to have a huge impact on the music industry and the world of publishing and it is now set to revolutionise the film industry.

Underworld featuring Don Baker and Michael McElhatton, a film about a Dublin crime boss goes on general release on 1 June.  However, the film will not be in cinemas. The film is being released online. The first fifteen minutes are free but then viewers must pay a dollar to watch the rest of the film.

Director Ronan Gallagher explains the challenges of getting distribution for films. He sees the internet as a way around this but admits that all filmmakers will still want to see their work shown on the big screen.

In the last year, around thirty online film websites have launched providing a platform for independent filmmakers to find an audience.

Even those using the technology admit you can't beat the silver screen.

Digital technology is not only changing how audiences view films but also how films are made. Nicky Gogan Director of the Darklight Digital Film Festival, digital technology has enabled people to make films at home for a fraction of the usual production costs.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 May 2000. The reporter is Annabel Egan.