Dundrum Town Centre opens but the new complex signifies the end for some local independent retailers.

Dundrum Town Centre stands on an 18 acre site and its first phase of development has taken almost five years to complete.

Eager shoppers queued from early morning to see the new centre for themselves. 

I'm living in Dundrum for the last 38 years and this is one of the great moments.

Dundrum Town Centre houses 90 shops and when phase one is completed at the end of 2005, it will have 25 restaurants, a 12 screen cinema complex and a public theatre.

Director of Dundrum Town Centre Don Nugent says the centre includes new retailers to Ireland which will suit discerning Irish shoppers,

They go to a lot of these stores overseas, so what we've tried to do is bring them here.

Some 300,000 customers per week are expected to the centre and locals are concerned about parking problems and traffic gridlock on surrounding roads.

There are plans to demolish the old Dundrum shopping centre which means independent retailers like Liz Meldon of Dundrum Books will be forced to close,

Because of this super new centre, we're being wiped out and I think it’s a real community bookshop, and that going to be the end of it.

However, an elderly woman welcomes the changes to area,

I never thought I could live to see either the Luas or to see this centre, it’s absolutely marvellous.

All three phases of Dundrum Town Centre will be completed by 2008.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 March 2005. The reporter is Orla O’Donnell.