A Killaloe inventor creates a cost effective, scavenger proof, waste disposal system.

Originally from England Michael O’Gorman moved to the village of Kilaloe in County Clare and was immediately struck by the amount of litter on the streets.

People are not dirty, it’s the facilities that are missing.

To do something about the litter problem and to create employment, he came up with a new system of waste disposal. To assist with refuse collection for apartment dwellers he invented 'The Brolly’, a large hexagonal communal rubbish bin with an umbrella shaped roof. Litter is posted in at the top and deposited in six large plastic bags inside.  

At the end of the week Limerick County Council remove the sacks from The Brolly rather than collecting refuse from 20 or 30 separate homes.  As well as being a cost effective means of waste disposal The Brolly also prevents scavengers from attacking the refuse before it is collected.

Michael O’Gorman has also invented a new range of litter bins that are bird, rat and dog proof. These are in use on the streets of Limerick.

I’m looking forward to the day when dogs get hungry because they can’t knock the bins over.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 February 1985. The reporter is Michael Walsh.