The sights and sounds of Dublin's Liberties.

Historian, author and broadcaster Éamonn Mac Thomáis believes,

The whole history of Dublin is based in the Liberties.

The Liberties, located in the south west of the inner city is one of the oldest parts of Dublin. It crystallises much of Dublin’s tradition but the community is under threat from decay, demolition and super highways proposed for the area.

The Liberties Festival takes place from 10 to 19 May 1974 with a programme of concerts, lectures and exhibitions, including an art exhibition in Saint Patrick’s Grammar School. A school girl reads a piece written about Saturday on Meath Street.

Fruit and fish traders ply their wares on Thomas Street. Second hand and new clothes are sold in the Iveagh Market located in Francis Street. folk singer and song collector Frank Harte performs ‘Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe’.

At a party for elderly members of the community, Larry Dillon, Chairman of the Liberties Festival Committee cuts the second festival cake.

And I hope please God to be around myself when we’re cutting the twenty-first.

The entertainment for this event is by local children and anyone who wishes to take the microphone to perform their party piece.

‘Sweet Liberties’ was broadcast on 17 January 1975. The narrator is Patrick Gallagher.