Limerick pilot Arthur Toppin is believed to be the world's oldest holder of an aircraft licence.

Arthur Toppin known as ‘The Colonel’ took up flying when he was 61.  Now 80 years old the Limerick man flies a four-seater Piper Tri-Pacer plane every day.

Arthur Toppin is also the chairman of Shannon Flying Services which has its headquarters at Coonagh Flying Field outside Limerick.

When many pensioners opt for a quiet life, Arthur Toppin believes this is wrong thing to do.

If they can get active and keep active and learn to fly they’d all be alive today.

Driving a car helped Arthur Toppin learn how to fly, which he says is much safer than driving on the road.

Shannon Flying Services intends to operate an internal air taxi service principally from Shannon Airport, while also operating a flying school.

Every young fella should be able to fly.

Twenty-four year old trainer pilot Hayden Lawford is very impressed with The Colonel’s abilities.

I think he is absolutely marvellous.

A ‘Newsbeat’ report broadcast on 1 December 1964. The reporter is Arthur Quinlan.