Mary Ann Henthorn, Ireland's oldest pensioner, celebrates her birthday in Cavan.

Mary Ann Henthorn was born on 7 September 1883 on the family farm at Carrickallen, 10 miles from Cavan, around the time Buffalo Bill was setting up his Wild West Show. By 1990, she had the distinction of being Ireland's oldest pensioner. 

Colm Connolly attends her 107th birthday party in this RTÉ News report. Held in St Felim's Hospital in Cavan Town, where she has been living for five years, her much younger sister-in-law Mary Blowing is present, along with the hospital staff.

Mary Ann says she remembers hearing about the Boer War, the 1916 Rising and the panic over conscription. As for young people today, they have too much liberty and money. She had no money when she was growing up. 

An RTÉ News report from 7 September 1990. The reporter is Colm Connolly.