The visually impaired will benefit from computer software that turns text into speech.

Using a standard IBM personal computer Pat Kenny demonstrates the latest technology for use by the visually impaired. The screen reader was developed by Irish man David Jameson five years ago while doing a Masters Degree at Trinity College Dublin. The technology enables a blind or partially sighted person to use a computer through the use of a voice synthesizer, a special keypad, and a standard computer. 

After completing his Master's Degree, David Jameson went on to work for IBM in America and developed the technology further into a product which will go into production worldwide. 

It can read anything off the screen.

Messages can also be phoned in to the machine through the use of a modem.

It would transform the life of a blind person who's trying to go into business.

This episode of Kenny Live was broadcast on 11 November 1989. The presenter is Pat Kenny.