Despite having no eyesight since birth, schoolboy Donal Fitzpatrick is taking the artificial ski-slopes of County Dublin in his stride.

Nine-year-old schoolboy Donal Fitzpatrick entered a competition on the ‘Poparama’ radio show and won skiing lessons on the artificial ski-slopes at Kilternan, County Dublin.

The fact that Donal has been blind since birth was no deterrent to ski instructor Kathleen Sythes who volunteered to teach Donal to ski so that he could claim his prize.

To assist Donal in the best way possible, Kathleen taught herself how to ski blindfolded. She loves her sessions with Donal and feels she learned a lot from him.

I don’t know who enjoys it the most, Donal or me.

Donal’s mother is impressed by her son's skiing skills and feels the sport will be of benefit to him in the future.

I think as he grows older it will be good, it will be a very good outlet for his energy.

Because Donal enjoys skiing so much, both of his parents have taken up the sport.

Kathleen is confident Donal is ready to ski on the main slope and is sure he will master it in no time at all.

I just think Donal is wonderful to be able to ski, because it's a very, very had sport to pick up and if I could give him a medal I would.

This episode of 'Youngline' was broadcast on 22 February 1983.