Artist Don Conroy demonstrates how to draw Santa Claus.

To begin his picture, artist and conservationist Don Conroy draws two egg shapes for a head and a body. He quickly sketches some hands, a beard, a hat and bag and two feet. The outline is clearly that of Santa Claus.

Discarding this preliminary drawing he sets about drawing Santa Claus again, this time without the egg shapes, and he adds a teddy bear, a candy cane and a toy plane to Santa’s sack.

Colour is added using crayons.

Santa Claus red, needless to say.

While colouring in his drawing, he reminisces about how excited he was at Christmas Eve when he was a small boy.

Don Conroy announces details of a Christmas card competition. There will be three main prizes for different age groups and 10 consolation prizes for the lucky winners. The presenter of ‘Good Afternoon’ Thelma Mansfield is going to help him judge the cards.

Children have sent in pictures during the week and Don Conroy shows some of the ones he likes the most. Many of these depict birds, and others are of winter scenes. A number of children have drawn snowmen and one child, Joe, has coloured his one yellow,

Why not, that’s what I say.

This episode of ‘Paint For Fun’ was broadcast on 27 November 1984. The presenter is Don Conroy.

Don Conroy