Visiting Santa in different Dublin department stores is nice but there is only one real Santa.

There is a lengthy queue for Santa Claus in the Grafton Street department store Switzers, but those waiting are kept entertained by a myriad of mechanical figures and magical window displays.

Niall and John are first children to visit Santa Claus in his grotto. Niall tells Santa that he would like a helicopter for Christmas, whereas John wants a bicycle, an Action Man and a surprise. Santa calls up the chimney beside him, and Rudolf sends down two presents. However the boys are unconvinced by Santa's reindeer assistant and Niall in particular is highly amused by the woman in the chimney.

Also impressed by their visit to Santa at Switzers are Deirdre and Claire. They both agree that Santa was very nice.

Following a visit to another Santa in Dublin a boy interviewed says he asked Santa for a surprise and a game called 'Crossfire'.

Claire and Deirdre also visit Santa Claus in Dunnes Stores and while they may have visited three Santas in one day, Claire points out,

They're all dressed up, they're not the real Santa in every one.

She knows the real Santa lives in the North Pole and brings presents for them to open on the 25th December.

A 'PM' report broadcast on 19 December 1978. The reporter is Pat Kenny.