Children meet Santa Claus in Switzers and tell him what they want for Christmas.

Ever since Santa’s spectacular arrival at Switzers department store on Grafton Street, he has been in his grotto, meeting children and finding out what they want for Christmas.

One little girl who already owns a cot and a pram is hoping to get a Tiny Tears doll for Christmas, as she wants to put her in a pram. A little reluctant to chat with Santa she does not have any Christmas stories to tell him. Nevertheless, Santa gives her another badge to go with one she received on a previous visit.

Will you leave anything out for me at Christmas?

By contrast, a group of boys are very eager to chat to Santa and one of them gives him directions to his house, so Santa knows exactly where to go on Christmas Eve.

Another little girl offers Santa a sweet and promises to draw him a picture of a house and leave it out for him on Christmas Eve. Santa wonders if she will leave anything out for him to eat on Christmas Eve and her mother suggests also him a cake. Another little boy will be leaving a Guinness for Santa, who is delighted at the prospect.

One boy would like a Superman suit for Christmas so he can fly away to another country and a boy called David wants a police car. Louise, who has five dolls, wants a pram for her favourite doll Tia.

Cousins Leanne and Caroline confuse Santa greatly about their names. Caroline wants a Wendy house and after giving the matter considerable thought, Leanne wants Lego.

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 20 December 1982.