Residents of Killarney Street Dublin sleep out in protest as they look to be rehoused in Priorswood.

Six Dublin families, each living in single-roomed flats, have been forced out of their homes due to poor living conditions. The six husbands are now camped outside 17 Killarney Street in protest.

Here in Killarney Street, the six husbands have been sleeping on the pavement or in the back of a car supplied by a local priest Fr Paul Lavelle who says conditions in their house with up to five persons in a room were deplorable.

After the water tank fell through the ceiling, the six men began camping outside the house while their wives and children stay in a priest's house up the road. While the situation has now been declared an emergency by Dublin Corporation, the men will remain camped outside with all their furniture until alternative accommodation is provided.

One of the men, Tony Gibbons, describes the current living conditions for the twelve adults and nine children. He is determined to hold out until they are offered accommodation in Priorswood in Coolock. 

I want Priorswood, Priorswood only.

While Dublin Corporation has offered alternative accommodation, they claim there is nothing available in Priorswood at the moment. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 August 1979.