Joan Collins talks about ageing and being happy while in Dublin to promote her new novel.

Best known for her role as Alexis in the US soap opera 'Dynasty', Joan Collins has appeared in over fifty films and twenty five television shows. 

Now in her mid 50s and four times married, she is still regarded as one of Hollywood's most glamorous stars. At a news conference in Dublin to promote the launch of her book 'Prime Time' she was asked about her age and aging. She does not subscribe to the adage that youth is the best thing and describes as ridiculous the societal dictum that you must look and act young. 

I believe that as you get older you get more wisdom, more intelligence, more knowledge and I think that we have been raised in a society in which everybody has been told that you gotta look young.

Over the last thirty years, Joan Collins has enjoyed careers in acting, writing, and dress designing and hopes to continue this for the next thirty years at least. Right now she is happier than she has ever been. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 June 1989. The reporter is Orla Guerin.