Playing the uilleann pipes undergoing a rejuvenation in Kerry.

There is a movement underway in Kerry to ensure that the tradition of piping remains. People interested in playing can now hire uilleann pipes for a period to try them before making the expensive investment in their own set.

There's no greater challenge in playing traditional music than the uilleann pipes.

A really good set of pipes must be made individually for the player and they do not come at a cheap price. 

According to Dave Hegarty, there are possibly twenty four people playing the uilleann pipes in Kerry at the moment. Ten years ago, there were hardly any. There are also more people making pipes in the county. 

The history of uilleann pipes and piping in Kerry is being celebrated at Tralee Library An exhibition shows the evolution of the instrument and features famous players from the past. The Kerry tradition for piping is evident in the first Irish music club in Chicago featuring members from the Kingdom and the Hanafin Brothers of Milltown.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 March 1989. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.