The people of Dún Laoghaire give their thoughts on the existence of the devil and hell.

People on the streets of Dún Laoghaire in Dublin are not entirely convinced the Devil exists or by the concept of Hell. 

One woman interviewed does not really believe  in the Devil and only believes there is a Heaven. Another woman believes in the Devil but

I don't believe he's got a big long tail and a big stick, but I'd say there is something there you know, there is a Hell.

A group of schoolchildren are very clear there is a Devil who lives in Hell. They believe people go to purgatory before their soul goes to Heaven.

Two women believe people go to Hell if they willingly hurt somebody or do something they know to be wrong.

One man interviewed is believes in the concept of an afterlife, but is does not think Hell exists. Another man had recently discussed the concept of Hell with his father. He decided that Hell did not exist because God is supposed to be all forgiving and therefore could not send people to Hell.

Another woman has not given much thought to the concept of Hell but adds

I really believe that life is our hell, you know, and we are living in Hell.

‘Where Do We Stand?' is a five part series examining the challenges of handing on the Christian faith in Ireland. The series is produced by Fr Billy FitzGerald, Head of Religious Programmes at RTÉ. Each episode considers a different aspect of traditional Christian faith; the existence of God, the basis of morality, forgiveness and redemption, prayer and Jesus the risen Christ. During each episode, people on the street give their opinions on traditional Christian principles. 'Are You Saved?' is the third programme in the series. 

This episode of 'Where Do We Stand?' was broadcast on 1 April 1979. The presenter is Morgan O'Sullivan.