Alice Glenn opens an exhibition of bibles opens at the Mansion House in Dublin.

The Word Alive Exhibition is on a three-month tour of the country and has already been seen by around five thousand people as it visited Portlaoise, Cork, Limerick and Tralee.

The exhibition was officially opened by Deputy Lord Mayor Alice Glenn who said it was timely and necessary because

Satan was rampant in Ireland.

Word Alive was produced by an English evangelical group two years earlier. Bert Gray of Bible Education Services Portlaoise asked if he could bring the exhibition to Ireland. 

Among the items on display is the smallest Bible in the world. 

All three million words of the sixty-six books of the Protestant bible are on this tiny piece of plastic. It can only be read with the aid of a microfiche reader.

An £8,000 computer called 'The Word Processor' can instantly call up any word or passage in the bible and print it out. Visitors can use headphones to listen to the history of the bible. While there are also editions of the bible in braille and in the Irish language. 

The exhibition aims to inform visitors about the history of the bible and how it came to be written. Many of the visitors to the Mansion House are school children and Catholic schools have been organising visits as part of religious education class. 

Exhibition organiser Bert Gray says,

It has been thrilling to see the interest in the word of God as we have taken this exhibition around.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 November 1987. The reporter is Kieron Wood.