The Grand Opera House in Belfast is being brought back to its former glory.

The restoration of the 19th century Grand Opera House in Belfast is almost complete after it was damaged by an IRA car bomb in May 1993.

Last May, an IRA bomb wrecked the side of the theatre.

The theatre had suffered a previous explosion in December 1991.

The damage resulted in renovations costing £1.8 million to bring the opera house back to its former glory.

The work included replacing ornate plasterwork. New dressing rooms are now being built and the work is due to be completed in June. 

The architect in charge of restoration is John Reid who also designed the contrasting building of the Europa Bus Centre. John Reid says that the solid nature of the building helped to protect it and mitigate the damage caused by the blast. 

While the renovations are almost complete, the opera house faces new challenges. Artistic Director and General Administrator Michael Barnes is stepping down from his position. 

I'm in love with the opera house but there does come a time to part.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 February 1994. The reporter is Brendan Wright.