Now running for over forty years, the Wexford Opera Festival has achieved enormous international acclaim.

As the event comes to a close it is time to take stock. Managing Director Michael Hynes weighs up the triumphs and failures and looks forward to staging next year's Wexford Opera Festival.

During the three week festival, the performances had an average 94% occupancy, bringing over £3 million to Wexford.  The success of this year's festival means that next year's lineup has already been announced. 

Michael Hynes explains that performances have to receive between 85 and 90% occupancy in order to break even financially. The success of the 1992 festival does not mean that the committee will rest on their laurels if they are to achieve similar success in 1993. 

We obviously face an uncertain future from a funding point of view, and maybe people are tired hearing arts organisations say that but it is a sad reality that in an Ireland which has got an incredible international reputation for cultural excellence... that we are still living a precarious existence.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 November 1992. The reporter is Michael Ryan.