The Burchill School of Dancing performing in a show called 'Night and Day' at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in 1953.

Norman Hodgson filmed 'Night and Day' presented by Burchill School of dancing at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in February 1953.

This extract from the film shows the opening of the perfomance. The 'Night and Day' programme was divided into two parts each representing the light and dark hours of the day. Children and adults perform a number of styles of dance including tap and ballet.

Among those taking part are Roly Hodgson, Barbara Hodgson, Olga Mohan, Madge Larney, George Begley, Doreen Ryan, Myrtle Lambkin, Jean Briody, Colette Morosini-Whelan and George Morosini-Whelan.    

The opening title card describes the film as "Miss Evelyne Burchell's Dancing Display in Gaiety Theatre 4th and 5th February, 1953".  The spelling of Evelyn Burchill's name seems to be an error.