A highlight of the first Wexford Opera Festival is a production of 'The Rose of Castile' by Irish composer Michael William Balfe.

The production of 'The Rose of Castile' at the Wexford Opera Festival starred Maureen Springer as Elvira, Murray Dickie as Manuel and Angela O'Connor as Carmen, accompanied by the Radio Éireann Light Orchestra.

Cast member Angela O'Connor, plays Elvira's maid Carmen and spends the first act dressed up as a boy. She tells Norris Davidson that she thinks she was picked for the part because she had performed with the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society.

Angela O'Connor will have to juggle her role as Carmen with a trip to Dublin to get conferred with her BA in modern languages.

'A Look At The Wexford Festival' broadcast on 02 November 1951. The presenter is Norris Davidson.