Preparing for the Wexford Festival Opera.

Artistic Director Brian Dickie outlines the objectives of the Wexford Festival Opera.

The main purpose of the Wexford Festival Opera is to perform musical works of very high quality, operatic works of great interest.

Brian Dickie says that the focus of the festival is on the masterpieces and mainly works in their original language. 

Rehearsals are underway for the production of Joseph Haydn's 'L'infedeltà Delusa'. 

The festival at Wexford tends to have a very small number of Irish singers mainly because there is not sufficient work for them to be employed in Ireland all year round. Therefore many have moved away to get work. 

One opera performed in Wexford in 1969 did have an all Irish cast. The Irish National Opera appeared at Wexford for one performance only where they gave a performance of 'Twelfth Night' by James Wilson who is seen here in rehearsals with Anne Makower and Mary Sheridan De Bruin. 

Brian Dickie explains that there is currently absolutely no connection between the Irish National Opera Company and the Wexford Festival. 

This episode of 'Anthology' was broadcast on 12 January 1970. The reporter is Aidan Grennell.