Faxpost the latest post office service uses new technology to send facsimile documents by means of a photocopier and a telephone line.

Minister for Posts and Telegraphs Jim Mitchell inaugurates the Faxpost service by sending a facsimile document from the St Andrew's Street Post Office in Dublin to the General Post Office in Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork.

Operator Breda Maher explains how the facsimile service works. The new service uses well established pieces of technology, a photocopier and a telephone line, to transmits a document between Dublin and Cork in under a minute.

The new Post Office service gives an alternative to the traditional postal system, and the Minister expects it will be particularly useful for

Legal documents which require signatures and will also be very useful for architectural plans and that sort of thing which can be transmitted speedily.

The public facsimile facility is also linked to 100 centres in the United Kingdom and there are plans to extend it to the United States of America and to the rest of Europe.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 November 1983. The reporter is Derek Davis.