The Irish Times editor Douglas Gageby on being educated in a Belfast Protestant school.

Newspaper editor Douglas Gageby speaks to Tom McGurk about his early life and schooling in Belfast.

I believe I was taught Irish history at least as well if not better than many of my contemporaries in the Republic.

Douglas Gageby describes his school 'The Belfast Royal Academy' as a very liberal Protestant school in North Belfast.

We were well taught that we belonged to the soil on which we grew up.

He was taught Irish history by James Beckett, who is now Professor of History at Queen's University. 

Born in Dublin Douglas Gageby moved to Belfast at the age of four. He and his family undermine the stereotype of the Northern Protestants in that they are not unionists. 

They're not all mad Orangemen or bigots up there.

'One Man's Ireland' was broadcast on 28 October 1973. The presenter is Tom McGurk.