Dubliners tell John Horgan how much they miss the newspapers, which were shut down by a printing strike for 10 weeks in 1965.

In 1965 a printing strike in Dublin closed 46 printing houses and stopped publication of Dublin newspapers for 10 weeks. It was the industry’s longest strike since the 11 week strike of 1934 and was eventually settled following concessions on pay and leave to around 1,700 printers and over 3,000 other workers.

Almost 6 weeks into the strike, Dubliners tell journalist John Horgan how much they miss the newspapers in a vox pop for 'Newsbeat'.  One newsboy is selling English papers instead, but says he has to sell more of them to make the same money.  News sellers who dealt exclusively with evening papers are out of work because there are none to be had, but newsagents are managing to sell other things instead, like magazines.