A look back at television and radio clips, photographs and articles from the RTÉ Guide featuring journalists, editors, printers and newspaper sellers, who give their insight into working in print.

This exhibition includes footage of: Fintan O'Toole on the British Tabloids in Ireland; Fiona Looney on what it means to be a successful journalist; Kevin O'Kelly on the final Evening Mail; John Bowman on the qualities of a good journalist; the lives of Echo Boys in Cork; the origins of the Sunday World; behind the scenes at The Evening Press case room; striking journalists; the role of provincial publications; the financial and political pressures on newspaper editors; as well as opinions of the general public.

The enormous change in how we consume media is presenting great challenges to the traditional production and publication of news in newspapers, on radio and on television.

The digital distribution and consumption of content is especially demanding for the traditional newspaper industry. Circulation and revenue are on the decline as readers and advertisers move to online formats.

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