Hugh Oram investigates the origins of the 'Sunday World' newspaper and how controversial it was.

Hugh Oram investigates the origins of the 'Sunday World' newspaper and how controversial it was. This is illustrated by an excerpt from 'Liveline' in 1986: Marian Finucane gives a listener's reaction to columnist Fr Brian D'Arcy's comments that the scantily-clad women featured in this newspaper were decorative. 

Gerry McGuinness talks about the origins of the newspaper and its launch in 1973. They set about establishing a market in Cork by putting a selection of Sunday Worlds in an envelope signed 'concerned parents' and posting it to Bishop Lucey saying the newspaper should be banned for bordering on pornography. The bishop responded by having it denounced from all the pulpits in Cork and sales immediately shot up.

This episode of 'Paper Tigers' focuses on 'The Sunday World'.

'Paper Tigers' was a radio series about Ireland's newspapers and the people who worked on them. It was presented by Hugh Oram, who wrote the accompanying book 'Paper Tigers' (1993).

The first episode was broadcast on 22 September 1992.

The image used for this clip is a view of 'The Sunday World' offices in Terenure, Dublin taken circa 1978.