The new extension at the National Gallery brings a modern space to an old institution where the public can enjoy the works of art.

The major development to the National Gallery of Ireland on Dublin's Merrion Square cost of £400,000. The opening ceremony was performed by President Éamon de Valera .

This is an art gallery for now. No spuriously reverend hush, this is an exciting place to visit.

The new wing is a more modern design than the main gallery building and consists of three floors and a basement. The extension is reached by a marble covered staircase inside the main gallery entrance.

Modern, with lights planned to make the pictures sparkle with all the life that's in them.

Kevin O'Kelly takes us on a tour of its paintings, sculpture and the new café. 

It's an old institution, this National Gallery, but now reborn and it's ours for each of us to enjoy.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 September 1968. The reporter is Kevin O'Kelly.