'Anthology' visits the National Gallery of Ireland where workshops are taking place to teach children painting skills and an appreciation for art.

Head of the National Gallery James White says that the objective in inviting children to the gallery is so that

The child would come to understand what a work of art is through hearing and seeing an artist make a work of art.

He believes this will happen by allowing the children to meet artists and see them create their work. White also comments on the overall attendance at the National Gallery which is now 6 times what it was 6 years ago. He sees this initiative as just one of the factors leading to a greater appreciation for our national institutions, museums and galleries. 

Artist Robert Ballagh demonstrates his painting technique for a packed room of aspiring painters and meets some of the youngsters advising them on how to improve their approach to painting and creating art. 

This episode of 'Anthology' was broadcast on 13 January 1971.