Paddy Gillan talks about an exhibition of his work showing at the Project Art Gallery.

Reporter Éamon Ó Muirí is surprised that Gillan has succeeded in organising an exhibition, given the trouble he was in as a student at the National College of Art, where he was one of a group of young radicals agitating for change. But Gillan explains that in fact he had a lot of support from other students and some teachers, who were instrumental in bringing his work to the public.

Many of the works on display are political and violent in nature. Ó Muirí asks if Gillan thinks it appropriate to mix politics with his art?

Is cuid de mo shaol féin na tuairimí atá luaite sna pictiúirí agus ba bhréag dom muna chuirfinn iad ann agus tugann na tuairimí seo inspioráid chun oibriú.

One of the stances Gillan and his comrades made at the National College of Art was about demystifying art and making it available to everyone as part of their education. He explains this in greater detail to Ó Muirí.

This episode of Féach was broadcast on 9 November 1970. The reporter is Éamon Ó Muirí.