Dubliners discuss their interest in theatre, art, poetry and literature.

As part of an episode reviewing the arts In Ireland ‘7 Days’ asks people on the streets of Dublin about their own engagement with various art forms. 

Some of those interviewed enjoy going to the theatre on an occasional basis, expressing a particular interest in variety shows. One man is 

Interested in classical theatre, rather than the kitchen sink style.

Another prefers going to the cinema,

I don’t like the theatre actually.

A number of people interviewed have never considered buying an original sketch, drawing or painting by an artist, although one woman definitely would as she likes drawing. This opinion is echoed by a man who says

I go in for that very much.

Poetry divides opinion with one woman saying

I like it if somebody else reads it for me.

And another man saying

I don’t think very much of it at all.

All of the people interviewed enjoy reading although one woman bemoans the fact that she rarely gets the opportunity to do so.

While one man is a keen book collector, another says

I read a great deal, mostly from libraries, rather than buy books.

Alongside classical books, ‘True Detective’ magazine proves a popular title amongst those interviewed.

A ‘7 Days’ report broadcast on 13 September 1968. The reporter is John O'Donoghue.