Enthusiasts from across Europe with a love for vintage motorcycles enjoy the hospitality and sights of Cork and Kerry.

The Munster Motor Cycle and Car Club Club's annual Duckham's Irish National Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Rally makes its way through Cork and Kerry.

Marking the 50th anniversary of the event, 118 vintage motorcycle enthusiasts from Ireland and abroad are are participating in the 22nd annual Duckham's Irish National Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Rally Cork and Kerry.

The opening ceremony got under way at Vernon Mount, headquarters of the Munster Motor Cycle and Car when the deputy Lord Mayor of Cork Jim Corr lowered the starting flag to set the competitors on their way through some of the most scenic parts of Cork and Kerry including Bandon, Inchigeelagh and Killarney, via Rathmore.

The event has attracted an entry of 118 riders from Ireland and abroad including participants from America, Sweden, West Germany, East Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom. Not everyone is competitive as some people are using the event as a fun holiday rather than a pressured race.

One German man is attending the rally with his BMW, not only because he is an enthusiast of old cars and motorcycles, but also because,

We wanted to try a Guinness in Ireland.

An English woman believes vintage bikes have more character while another English woman who has been attending the rally with her 1934 BSA front wheel drive for six or seven years says she comes to Ireland because the event is so friendly. 

Clerk of the Course Michael O'Mahony says vintage motorcycles are a consuming hobby. Spare parts are hard to come by and many have to be handmade.

It’s a form of being fond of antiques to some degree, you know, and in this modern plastic world I suppose they lend some sort of authenticity to life.

He believes the rally attracts people from all over the world because

They have a good time here, it’s you know, the roads are nice and free of traffic, the scenery is beautiful, and you have the fellowship of the vintage movement, means a lot to these people.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 September 1988. The reporter is Michael Ryan.