Donal McCann talks about working with John Huston on the film 'The Dead', an adaptation of the James Joyce story.

Donal McCann plays the role of academic Gabriel Conroy alongside director John Huston's daughter Anjelica Huston who plays Gretta Conroy. McCann talks to Gay Byrne about working with John Huston on what would be Huston's final film as director. 

We agreed very early on that talking about acting or making films was a goddam waste of time and we just got on and did it really.

Instead, their conversations while making the film centred around racehorses, hunting and Galway. 

'The Dead' was to be John Huston's last film as he died on 28 August 1987. Donal McCann describes Huston's awareness of his impending death during filming and the cast and crew's admiration of his courage. 

This episode of 'The Late Late Show' was broadcast on 15 April 1988. The presenter is Gay Byrne