A visit to Ardmore Studios in Bray, county Wicklow and a look at the films in production the facilities on offer and the employment provided.

While it has been a rocky road for Ardmore Studios in recent years, some of cinema's biggest names have worked there, including actor Laurence Olivier who is currently on set filming the final scenes of the film 'Inchon' a South Korean-American war film about the Battle of Inchon. Laurence Olivier is playing General Douglas MacArthur in the film as the final scenes are being completed.

Director Terence Young, famous for the James Bond films, tells RTÉ News about his forthcoming production 'The Jigsaw Man', a British espionage thriller, which will also star Olivier as Admiral Sir Gerald Scaith. Young also hopes to cast Michael Caine if the film goes into production.

It will mean money for Ardmore and work for Irish technicians.

Many of the studios in Europe have suffered in recent years with much filming taking place on location. However, there now seems to be a move back to studio work which is good news for Ardmore. 

If the film does go into production at Ardmore, it will be a feather in its cap at a critical time.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 December 1980.