Workers with the Simon Community see preconceived opinions of the homeless that are ill informed.

Workers in the Simon Community confront prejudices and misperception every day as they go about their work trying to help the homeless.

Homeless people are stupid, lazy, alcoholic. Losers who had a chance and didn't take it and there really isn't that many of them.

Simon say that while people care about the homeless, politicians do not.

The problem of political inaction and minimal funding is literally killing people. 

In 1987 five people who left the Simon shelter were killed - one man was beaten to death and a woman died of exposure alone in the city dump. These are people whose official death certificates read "Death by misadventure". 

RTÉ News speaks some of those working with the Simon Community about perceptions of the homeless and the reality of the situation.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 March 1988. The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.