A book tracks changes in the city of Cork and suggests that city studies should be taught in schools.

A new book about Cork City charts the changes that have taken place through the years. Dr Seán Pettit, a college lecturer, has popularised local history and in his book 'The Streets of Cork' suggests the addition of 'City Studies' as a subject on the school curriculum to give people a better understanding of city living.

For Dr Pettit, it's time we got away from the desire to move out of cities.

Every city is special.

The objective of the book is to capture the personality of Cork and the lives of its people.

Where the people live, work, walk, talk, meet, chat and laugh. I think all modern cities proclaim their identity, their personality, their spirit, in their streets.

For Dr Pettit, Cork is an ancient city that has changed and yet has preserved much of its beauty.  Change is part of the fabric of city life and it is this change that Dr Pettit hopes to have documented in his book.

Cork is a very dignified city.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 January 1983. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.