Broadcasting from a building in Grafton Street Anna Livia FM, Dublin's new independent radio station, looks to serve the people of the city.

Describing itself as Dublin’s local newspaper, programmes on Anna Livia cover everything from sport to religion, but always from the local perspective.  Tom Walsh heads up the committed team of volunteers, 

We’re always looking at the needs of the community, and meeting these needs through our programming.

Gary Herbert is a pension consultant by day, and a programme consultant by night.  He enjoys the buzz that a live radio broadcast brings,

The pressure is enjoyable, and then there’s a great sense of achievement when you put out a programme that you reckon people will listen to and enjoy.

Costing £3,000 a month to run the station survives on grants and some sponsorship, and is on a one year trial.  The listeners of Dublin will decide if it survives or not.  But it has had a good start, and has attracted a wide range of presenters.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 December 1992.  The reporter is Alasdair Jackson.