The people of Longford believe they have to put up with some of the worst roads in Ireland.

The population of North Longford is spread thinly and the clusters of populated areas are very dependent on the network of roads to stay in contact with one another and for moving farm stock. 

Lough Gowna is one area which has great tourism potential but locals say any prospects are being stunted because of transport problems. Some of the roads are so bad that neither the local school bus or the travelling shop will use them. It is claimed that up to sixty-six roads need to be repaired.

Local resident Anna McCabe describes the problems which result from the poor road infrastructure. In addition to the inconvenience, cars and tractors are continually being damaged as on the potholed routes. 

James Brady and John McCabe believe that the roads need to go through a MOT test as well as cars. 

Longford County Council declined to provide an official to be interviewed about the state of the roads.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 October 1992. The reporter is Tom Kelly and the presenter is Michael Ryan.