The Irish section of Amnesty International calls for legislation to ease the plight of refugees seeking asylum in this country.

For these newly arrived Bosnian refugees, Ireland truly is the land of a thousand welcomes. But Amnesty says other refugees seeking political asylum are not so lucky.

According to Amnesty, asylum seekers don't have the right to appeal if their application is rejected and in some cases have been imprisoned without any charge against them. 

According to Amnesty procedures in Ireland are inadequate, leaving political refugees confused and frustrated and in some cases fearing for their safety.

Psychiatrist Anthony Clare addressing an Amnesty meeting on the subject of political refugees says he has no idea what would happen if asylum seekers turned up at the Department of Justice. 

I've a horrible feeling that the first they'd be asked is, is it all that bad back in Herod's Jerusalem and for God's sake we've got our problems too.

Mary Lawlor from Irish Amnesty International is calling for the establishment of an independent body of experts to deal with asylum cases. 

One asylum seeker, who did not want to be identified, tells RTÉ News that he wants clarification on his status. He fears that returning home may mean persecution and imprisonment.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 September 1992. The reporter is Mark Little.