The fourth report in a series on the growth of immigration in Ireland looks at how Ireland is coping with some of the different ethnic cultures that are now part of Irish society. Reporter Ann Marie Green visits a Muslim school, talks to a group of Chinese friends and goes to a suburban national school that has a growing number of pupils from multicultural backgrounds.

Culture and religion are described in the report as "ties that bind" immigrant groups, but tend to alienate them from host communities. This alienation however works both ways as Sociologist Treasa Galvin describes the failure of the Irish to recognise the importance of immigrant festivals, such as Ramadan, as a barrier between different cultural groups.

Some efforts are being made to bridge the cultural divide. John Lynch, Principal at the Sacred Heart of Jesus National School in Huntstown, comments "We will have to be more open. We will have to be more accommodating so that they are absorbed fully into Irish society but not overtaken. They are part of our society but not completely absorbed."