A look at the living conditions of a Roma family encamped at the M50 roundabout in Ballymun, Dublin.

A Romanian family is living in huts made of rags and wood on a roundabout in Ballymun, Dublin. They have no running water or sanitation and health experts are warning of a potential outbreak of disease. Charity officials are describing the situation as a humanitarian disaster.

There's no running water, no sanitation, no waste collection. Charity officials are describing this as a humanitarian crisis.

Sara Russell, a representative from Pavee Point, describes these people's situation as worse in Romania and calls for government action. Philip Watt NCCRI (National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism) says greater pressure needs to be placed on the governments of Romania and Bulgaria to solve the root cause of the problem in their own countries. Conor Hickey Director of Crosscare describes the services available to assist the family.

The family has been living on the roundabout for two months.