After fourteen years Magill folded in 1991 Vincent Browne feels the time is right now for the magazine to make a comeback.

Sometimes controversial, often in the news, Magill made the headlines in every sense from its launch in 1977.

Editor Vincent Browne feels that the time is now right for a relaunch of the current affairs publication from both an editorial and a commercial perspective. 

The new version of Magill promises more humour, more on books and features on the internet, as well as a staple diet of scandal. 

According to Browne,

It will focus very much on scandals and corruption in political life, as well as dealing with the broader issues of politics as well. 

The current affairs magazine Magill has been relaunched with the original editor Vincent Browne at the helm. The first issue will include guest articles by former editors of the magazine. Magill also hopes to continue its policy of encouraging young, unknown journalists to write. 

The magazine will retail at £1.95 and former Taoiseach Charles Haughy will feature on the first cover.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 August 1997. The reporter is Flor McCarthy.