Is there more to women magazines than fashion, food and homemaking? What do women think of the magazines that are aimed at them?

Publications for women have usually had content that is seen as relating to the female role but is that changing? This report for the programme 'Slants' begins by asking women on the streets of Dublin what they think of their magazines?

Basil McAllister of retailers Easons explains how women's magazines are arranged on the shop shelf and says that there are about 250 titles aimed at women.

Women's magazines account for 35% of our total magazine sales.

Anne Harris the editor of 'Image' magazine says that women buy magazines for all sorts of reasons including news features but,

You can't shirk the fact that people I think first and foremost buy a woman's magazine for escapism and fantasy reasons.

'Woman's Way' is Ireland's leading selling women's magazine with 71,000 issues a week. A recent survey among 'Woman' Way' readers showed that they like regular service articles on a wide range of subjects.

The episode of 'Slants' was broadcast on 11 June 1985. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.