On 9 June 1999 the "champers set" came out to celebrate the launch of V.I.P. magazine, described as Ireland's answer to 'Hello' magazine.

Competition in the magazine market is tight with Easons' bookstore holding in excess of 2,000 titles. Despite the competition for readership, publisher John Ryan wanted to put an Irish face of the equivalent of 'Hello' or 'OK' magazine and compete for an Irish share of the magazine market.

Lisa Cochrane, Managing Editor from U magazine, described this type of magazine as a relatively cheap but aspirational luxury product that people want to read and says that it is generally agreed that the magazine cover is the most important factor in attracting readers.

Michael Cullen, Publisher from Marketing Magazine talks about the importance of image for tapping into the young readers market.

35,000 copies of the magazine were printed for the first edition.

An RTÉ News report by Anthony Murnane on 9 June 1999.