The Blarney Stone one of Ireland's oldest and most famous tourist attractions still draws the crowds.

The Blarney Stone has been kissed by millions of visitors since it first became a tourist attraction over 200 years ago.  According to legend, the gift of eloquence is bestowed on the person who kisses the stone.  Little has changed over two centuries, except the price. The gift of the gab will now set you back €7.

The visitors who had climbed the 190 steps to the top of the castle to plant their lips on an old stone had enjoyed the experience. Bending over backwards to kiss the stone, set in the castle wall below the battlements is all part of the experience. 

Everyone loves fairytales and myths, and this is one of the greatest known in we had to kiss the stone.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 August 2002.  The reporter is Anne Marie Green.