In New York people are asked if they are afraid to holiday in Europe following a spate of terrorist attacks.

A fear of hijackings, bombings and a concern about radioactivity following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster has lead to a feeling of concern and unease amongst the American public about travelling to Europe.

Bord Fáilte Public Relations Executive Simon O’Hanlon thinks the way the terror attacks have been reported in the news is making Americans fearful about travelling abroad. However John Bastable, Senior Vice President of Aer Lingus is confident there will be an upturn in Americans visiting Europe.

The main concern he has is the weakness of the US dollar as this means the cost of an overseas holiday for an American is greater. Nevertheless he believe Aer Lingus will see a growth and return to 1985 levels again.

On the streets of New York many of those interviewed would like to visit Europe and would not be put off by the threat of terrorism. For them, the main obstacles to taking long haul trips are the lack of funds, having too much work, or the length of time it takes to get to Europe.

One man notes the threat of terrorism is a legitimate fear to some degree.

It’s something you have to think about of course, the chances of something happening are very slight, but when you go over there as an American, you might be in danger.

One woman interviewed says she has been to Europe before but she would not go again.

Right now it’s sometimes a little risky going out there, I’m not really sure if I want to do that.

A man who was in Paris at the time of a terrorist attack remains undeterred by the threat of terrorism saying

I won’t be dictated to by terrorists.

Another man is unconvinced about the terror threat in Europe saying

I’m a New Yorker and there’s more terror going on here than there is in Europe, so it’s a joke to think Europe is going crazy, it’s not.

This episode of ‘Evening Extra’ was broadcast on 15 April 1987. The reporter is Richard Crowley.