In the United States, gadget fanatics are queuing up to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone.

The iPhone is designed to combine all the gadgets people normally carry around into one device. However, critics of the new technology say it will be too slow.

RTÉ News meets some Apple product enthusiasts as they queue overnight to get their hands on the latest communication device. 

They'll pay $500 each for the gadget that's a phone, a camera, a music player and an internet browser all in one.

Apple's share price rose 30% with the announcement of the iPhone. However, some predict sales may be slow due to the compulsory two-year service contract that goes with the product. Other consumers may wait for a later version which could be cheaper and work better. 

The iPhone is due to come to Europe later in the year. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 June 2007. The reporter is Ruth McAvinia.