Publicans and brewers are to increase the price of a pint in their annual prise rise.

The price of a pint is about to rise with Guinness and Beamish and Crawford raising their price by two and a half pence or three pence. Murphy and Heineken will be following suit. The brewers say the price rise is to keep their prices more or less in line with inflation.

In addition to the brewery increase, publicans will be adding two or three pence onto the price of a pint to maintain their profit margins. This will mean the overall increase for the customer will be five or six pence.

Bar manager Fintan Shankey Smith says he will apply the price increase when his existing stock runs out. He will be putting it up by the recommended five pence a pint.

Bar manager Brian Ledwidge expects his stock to run out on Friday and he will put his prices up then. He does not expect trade to be affected by the increase as

People just take it in their stride now.

A patron of a Limerick bar who fondly remembers when he could get three pints for half a crown is not happy with the prospect of another price increase.

Tis very dear now at the moment at £1.60, never mind it going up any more.

Another man is indifferent to the increase.

It doesn’t make much difference, I don’t drink anyway, you know so, no problem there.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 June 1992. The reporter is Bob Powell