The 70-foot trawler 'Sharelga' sinks near the Kish Lighthouse as the result of a submarine getting caught in its nets.

The incident happened about 35 miles north-east of the Kish Lighthouse. The trawler owned by the McEvoy family from Clogherhead had its fishing nets out when fishermen on other vessels say

It was suddenly dragged backwards at high speed. After being towed for about two miles, the boat overturned and sank.

Nobody was injured as the five crewmen were picked up by two other trawlers and taken to Clogherhead. The submarine has yet to be identified.

Ministry of Defence officials in Britain say it wasn't one of theirs.

At Clogherhead reporter Brendan O'Brien speaks to Pat Connolly, skipper on the rescue trawler, the Supreme as well as crew members Mick Kelly and Noel Kirwin. Sharelga skipper Raymond McEvoy was too shocked to be interviewed.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 April 1982. The reporters are Kieron Wood and Brendan O'Brien.